ing2From Physical Triumphs to Practical Team Trainer

Hiring Louise Levesque-Burley and Shared Vision Partagee for your team’s training needs means that you are embarking on a journey together.  Through her ability to blend practical Insights with real-life managerial experience and a healthy dose of light-hearted humour, Louise offers workshops that will achieve positive, powerful change within your organization.

Louise will engage, entertain and educate the participants as she imparts her wisdom on a variety of topics covering foundational aspects to unleash personal and professional potential. Using the Adult Education model, her training programs are diverse, yet complimentary. Each of her workshops offers essential tools and techniques which help you learn the value of building effective and cohesive teams.  Ultimately, this will move you towards reaching your personal and organizational goals.

Collaborative Leadership Training

Delving deeper into the concepts revealed in her Guided Leadership keynote address, Louise leads you through a one or two day interactive workshop that will leave you empowered with the key elements required to function as a cohesive unit and fully identify the leaders within yourselves.

This workshop is all-inclusive, covering six pillars necessary to achieve collaborative leadership: achieving the foundations of collaboration, mastering effective communication, building trust and morale, excelling at group decision making, setting beneficial team goals, and making strategic decisions.

The benefit of this workshop is to have you and your team functioning at a high capacity, where your ideas and efforts are fused together to achieve your full potential.

 Unleash Your Full Potential and Make The Impossible Possible

Having learned how to unleash her own full potential by surmounting various challenges, Louise uses this workshop to guide you through the dynamics of the three concepts from which she made the Impossible Possible: Potential, Purpose and Passion. Diving into each of these through hands-on interaction, this workshop will inspire you as a leader and motivate you to apply positive change in your workplace, community and home.

The objectives of this workshop are to provide you with the ability to identify the strategies to recognize pivotal change, formulate focused action plans, differentiate between internal and external motivation, and identify and overcome personal and professional challenges.  You will leave this workshop with a clear vision of how you may unleash your own full potential and make the impossible possible for yourself and your team!

The Great Balancing Act: Maintaining Work Life Balance

Our lives have become the Great Balancing Act between our dreams and demands at home, and those at work.  In this workshop, Louise will guide you to a personal discovery of the right balance in your life.

Balance is about the incorporation of the traits and situations that make you and your life unique. Much like attempting to balance on an uneven platform, the winds of change in our lives will forever alter the ingredients necessary to achieve stability.  What you will take away from this workshop are grounding strategies to be able to maintain an ongoing healthy work life balance.

This workshop will ultimately propel you to create a healthier mindset.  You will join forces with Louise as you become engaged in an assessment of your current work life balance, identification of the areas in which you require greater nurturing, and the creation of an action plan that will generate lasting positive outcomes for you and your organization.

Or perhaps you’d like to educate your team in the areas of Building Assertiveness, Mastering Stress Management, Holistic Wellness or Goal Setting for Success!  Shared Vision Partagee offers these educational programs and more, based on the Adult Education model.