Picture being told that you would never walk, or have the ability to receive a full education, or see the everyday beauty of life.  Not to mention the fact that medical odds were that you should not have been born in the first place!  The challenge of facing what was once deemed impossible, and choosing to defy those odds to make the impossible possible is what Louise Levesque-Burley has done all of her life.

Through her Guided Leadership Keynote, Louise leads the audience as she takes you on a journey through life with her guide dogs, and reveals the powerful life lessons that she has learned at the end of the leash. As she engages, entertains and educates on the ability to see beyond physical sight,  Louise will leave you with a new perspective on what is possible in your  life.

Louise imparts the powerful INsights that she has gained through both her personal and professional experiences.  You will walk away from this keynote with a different perspective of how to navigate through your personal challenges, embark on empowering change and make the impossible possible!

You will laugh, you will cry – and you will probably re-think the way you conduct your own life.

Digi-57 (1)From INsights to INspirational Speaker!

It takes a special individual to offer the type of inspiration that will leave an emotional impact, and yet also move you to make positive changes in your life.  Louise Levesque-Burley is that kind of speaker.

Louise offers a practical and no-nonsense approach to life, team building and personal potential; and she does so with light-hearted humour and heart-felt stories.  The word impossible does not exist in Louise’s world, and she will empower you to create a life where everything you dream of is possible.

Be prepared to be motivated to overcome challenges, become equipped with the practical tools to harness your inner leader, and to create a team around you that functions cohesively and effectively.

When you begin to unleash your full potential, you stimulate positive and powerful change.  Louise’s keynote is the catalyst for beginning the life-altering process.

Louise engages, entertains and educates you with her lessons learned at the end of the leash from her partnership with her guide dogs, and a lifetime of professional experience.

Guided Leadership Keynote

Make the impossible possible!