A powerful voice for disability etiquette and a thriving example of what can be accomplished when the impossible is made possible. Louise Levesque-Burley is a captivating and practical speaker, trainer and coach who stimulates positive change through personal INsight.  Louise’s presentations are engaging, entertaining and educational, and will leave you with the tools and understanding necessary to unleash your full potential as leaders and effective team players.

“Louise is very motivational & captured our attention from the very first word. She is very thought provoking and inspiring and extremely informative.”

Canadian Society of Association Executives, Nova Scotia Chapter

Louise is living proof that developing INsight and acting on it can stimulate positive change.  When positive change begins, it opens the door to unleashing our full potential and making the impossible possible!

Louise has long been an advocate and powerful speaker on enriching organizations through embracing diversity.  Facing the twin challenges of being blind and having chronic rheumatoid arthritis, Louise is no stranger to adversity.  She is also no stranger to sheer determination, self-motivation and the fact that embracing challenge can indeed reveal our greatest strengths.

Through her company, Shared Vision Partagée, Louise merges inspiring experiences with practical tools for personal and professional growth. She uses her life’s stories as the foundation on which to build her dream of helping individuals and organizations harness the INsights to stimulate positive change, leave excuses behind and unleash their full potential!  Covering topics from self-awareness to collaboration, and personal wellness to team building, Louise brings a grounded and light-hearted approach to even the most challenging situations.

Louise has built extensive personal awareness and business know-how through more than ten years of senior managerial roles in the not-for-profit sector as well as operating Shared Vision Partagee.  She is the first blind, bi-lingual Canadian to graduate with the Diploma of Adult Education from Saint Francis Xavier University.

In 2010 she published her first book “Through My Eyes – INsights into Disability Etiquette” – an instructional tool for everyone to be more comfortable in interacting with people with disabilities. In 2009 Louise was the Recipient of the Lynn Irlam  “Making a Difference” Award from St. Francis Xavier University.

Louise also maintains an active role in the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Chamber of Commerce – New Brunswick, and the Certified Coaches Federation.

As she journeys through life enjoying traveling, walking on the beach, experiencing the sounds of nature, and changing the lives of all those she touches, Louise is accompanied by her own two greatest sources of inspiration — her husband Stephen and her guide-dog Mlle. Fig.  Together, their days are purposeful and forever guided by Mademoiselle Fig’s mantra: keep it fun!